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A few excerpts, articles and praise of BlackBinder in the News!

BlackBinder introduces Automatic Scroll eliminating page turning at IFOB 2019, the centennial of La Pamplonesa.


BlackBinder in collaboration with OCRTVE.


We are coming to the equator of the OCRTVE season of concerts, part of the Digital Transformation Project using digital scores readers, and we want to use the occasion of praise the great job and performance of the musicians and people who have contributed to doing it possible with the same energy as the first day.

Why do ensembles use BlackBinder?.


Ah, that’s a good question, albeit an easy one to answer: ensembles use BlackBinder because it helps them focus on their performance!

Upcoming concert with Eastman School of Music Trombone Quartet on April 18th.


Eastman School of Music (ESM), or “Eat, Sleep, Music.”. Aha!At Eastman, they actually do have t-shirts with that motto. We think that’s pretty cool, and that it says a lot. So much so that it could perfectly well be our motto too!

Kick-off meeting with Boston Conservatory at Berklee.


Our list of collaborations with higher schools of music keeps expanding with the one conservatory where we always felt we had most potential: the Boston Conservatory at Berklee.

Concert for trumpets ensemble at Musikene.


As part of the growth BlackBinder keeps demonstrating this season with concerts with higher schools of music such as Jacobs in Indiana, or Guildhall and Royal Academy in London, on March 26th, Musikene held a concert with trumpet students and one of their professors, Luis González.

Digital Transformation Project for the Symphonic Orchestra of RTVE.


The premiere of “Un Sueño Morisco” took place last week on March 21st and 22nd at the Teatro Monumental in Madrid. This is the start of the Digital Transformation project the symphonic orchestra of RTVE with BlackBinder.

Innovation in the Liceu Theatre of Barcelona.


December 22nd, musicians of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Liceu, rehearsed their future Charles Dickens’ ‘Christmas Story’ concert using the BlackBinder digital platform replacing traditional music sheets.

Blackbinder in the Internacional Trumpet Guild congress.


On May 29, we were at the ITG congress in San Antonio, Texas, where we enjoyed the Spanish Brass and Jens Lindemann bands.

Digital Transformation and User Experience talk in Cein Navarra.


Digital Scores of Haydn and Brahms in the Miramon Matineé.


Last Saturday, April 21st Arli du Dapri’s ‘Quintetos con dos Violas’ concert was performed in the Miramon Matineé.

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