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A few excerpts, articles and praise of BlackBinder in the News!

Closing of season 20_21 in the Spanish Radio Television Orchestra.


Entrevista con David Peralta.


Comenzamos el mes de agosto con la entrevista a David Peralta, madrileño de nacimiento y holandés de adopción, donde reside desde el año 2000 y donde desde 2008, es solista de segundos violines de la Orquesta Filarmónica de Holanda. Además, David es Social Media Manager, ayudando a promocionar a través de internet y redes sociales todo tipo de instituciones culturales, solistas, grupos de cámara, orquestas y empresas del sector cultural. Con este doble perfil, estamos seguros de que la entrevista va a ser de vuestro interés

Entrevista con Pacho Flores.


Seguimos con la serie de entrevistas para que los grandes artistas de la escena internacional nos den su opinión acerca de la situación provocada por la COVID-19. En este caso, contamos con las respuestas del trompetista venezolano Pacho Flores*

Interview with Phil Ponella (Jacobs School of Music).


In this second interview, we spoke with Phil Ponella*, who is the director of the Wennerstrom-Philips and William and Gayle Cook music libraries, as well as the director of the music information technology information services department at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.

Entrevista con Inda Bonet (Spanish Brass).


Inauguramos esta serie de entrevistas, que iremos publicando regularmente, para conocer la situación tras la pandemia del COVID-19 de muchos de los principales agentes del sector musical. Empezamos con un gran amigo de la familia Blackbinder, como es Indalecio Bonet, miembro fundador de la agrupación Spanish Brass*.

Convert PDF Score to BlackBinder format.


The Blackbinder app enables users to convert any sheet music they have available digitally into a better and more congruous format. This is lately been the challenge for the music industry into their aim to digitalize. The format of the digital scores, pdf mainly, does not achieve all the requirements this industry in its whole is willing to have.

OCRTVE Symphony Orchestra Advances Towards Digitalization with Blackbinder.


Let the new RTVE Symphony Orchestra concert season begin! As of last year BlackBinder has been bestowed with the task of digitalizing their orchestra. We are extremely grateful to RTVE’s managing director, Manuel Ventero Velasco for his invaluable support and stalwart belief in the advancements that this innovative technology can bring to such a long-established sector of the music industry.

Blackbinder’s Automatic Scroll is now patented in USA and Russia.


We are thrilled to announce that Blackbinder’s automatic scroll feature is now, not only patented in Europe, but has just been officially patented in the United States and Russia as well. With China already pending, this means we will be protected in 80% of our targeted market.

Pacho Flores starts his cramped concert season with Blackbinder.


The Pacho Flores concert schedule is frenetic, and Blackbinder and its automatic scroll accompanies him throughout his tour supplying his set of scores with only one tap in his digital library.

BlackBinder and OCRTVE, ready for a new concert season.


We are at the gates of another exciting season in which the OCRTVE spanish orchestra will be the protagonist accompanied by BlackBinder, the best digital sheet music reader with true automatic scroll.

Sam Jones wins BlackBinder Senior International Solo Trumpet Competition.


Last week of August the “World Trumpet Society”(WTS) held its inaugural event that took place at the DAN School of Music of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario (Canada) BlackBinder, the best digital sheet music reader app, caught the attention of all attendees there and gave its name to one of the competitions: “BlackBinder Senior International Solo Trumpet Competition.”

Digital Scores and BlackBinder’s Automatic scroll, a new reality in Conservatories and Schools of Music.


After our successful test with them last academic term, now The Broken Bones Trombone Quartet of the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester, New York, starts this academic term using BlackBinder from the beginning of this course.

Spanish Brass closes his 30th anniversary with a tour in South Korea, Poland and Spain to put the icing on the cake in a spectacular year.


Ending an excellent season, Spanish Brass joined last August 9th in the Jeju international wind ensemble festival, South Korea, focused in the island of Jeju and the city of Incheon to give a jump to the festival Music in Old Krakow, Poland and almost breathless, ending it all last 20th and 21th in the Festival Sagunt a Escena in Valencia (Spain), ending its August tour and giving entry to new and interesting projects.

Four new digital scores in automatic scroll format from Canadian Brass in Blackbinder.


Canadian Brass and Blackbinder have collaborated again for a new release. From now on, Blackbinder will distribute 4 new digital scores for free download (available in our App in the Appstore).

BlackBinder, considered the best music sheet app for world-class musicians like Luis González Martí.


Luis Gonzalez, as usual, is accompanied by BlackBinder to all his acts and that inside carries all his music without the need for heavy briefcases to take all your arsenal of scores. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of the automatic scroll, freedom to travel, move, and be prepared at all times to rehearse, note and play with just one tap.

BlackBinder advances in its revolution towards automatic scroll.


Last June was a really successful month for BlackBinder and we want to share with all of you all the advances we have done: new blackBinder friends, new digital scores, new publishers and new experiences revolving around the BlackBinder’s automatic scroll.

Canadian Brass leads the distribution of online scores.


Last week, we had the pleasure to share a beautiful conversation with this awesome group, and we arrived to the right conclusion: BlackBinder and the Automatic scroll are the solution to all the problems in the future of music.

BlackBinder and world-class artists dating in Sbalz Festival.


From 2nd to 6th of June having placed an annual event, the Sbalz Festival in Alzira.

Renowned trumpetists and trombonists use our sheet music App.


We feel so lucky to surround ourselves with the best brass musicians to help us change the world of sheet music.

Brass musicians and ensembles use BlackBinder in IFOB 2019.


Last week from 12th to 16th of June, we were very much present as official sponsor at IFOB 2019, the festival of bands celebrating the centennial of La Pamplonesa, Pamplona’s Municipal Band, as we welcomed a few of our Friends, all of them of course using our App and the Automatic Scroll to perform live.  

The Arban method for trumpet sheet music online available on BlackBinder.


Joseph Jean-Baptiste Laurent Arban was a cornetist, conductor, composer and pedagogue who was able to bring to the trumpet the reputation of being a solo instrument by developing a true virtuoso technique for it.

BlackBinder acquires 1000 new users working with digital scores.


BlackBinder is still making noise! Once again, yet another month of important progress in the development of new technologies.

Canadian Brass Store with BlackBinder - the best way to sell sheet.


Most people get to know BlackBinder for the Automatic Scroll. Not so many are aware that top publishers and composers are also adopting BlackBinder to distribute music directly to musicians. But if  you are even remotely related to the world of brass, you’ve surely heard about Canadian Brass, one of the top brass ensembles in the world.

Digital Sheet Music Distribution.


Everybody knows BlackBinder for the Automatic Scroll, however, a not so well known fact is that top publishers and composers are also adopting BlackBinder to distribute music directly to musicians.

BlackBinder introduces Automatic Scroll eliminating page turning at IFOB 2019, the centennial of La Pamplonesa.


Last Tuesday May, 7th 2019 we were at the press conference at Baluarte in Pamplona, Spain, to announce the Centennial of La Pamplonesa in collaboration with IFOB Pamplona and BlackBinder to use digital music scores.

BlackBinder in collaboration with OCRTVE.


We are coming to the equator of the OCRTVE season of concerts, part of the Digital Transformation Project using digital scores readers, and we want to use the occasion of praise the great job and performance of the musicians and people who have contributed to doing it possible with the same energy as the first day.

Why do ensembles use BlackBinder?.


Ah, that’s a good question, albeit an easy one to answer: ensembles use BlackBinder because it helps them focus on their performance!

Upcoming concert with Eastman School of Music Trombone Quartet on April 18th.


Eastman School of Music (ESM), or “Eat, Sleep, Music.”. Aha!At Eastman, they actually do have t-shirts with that motto. We think that’s pretty cool, and that it says a lot. So much so that it could perfectly well be our motto too!

Kick-off meeting with Boston Conservatory at Berklee.


Our list of collaborations with higher schools of music keeps expanding with the one conservatory where we always felt we had most potential: the Boston Conservatory at Berklee.

Concert for trumpets ensemble at Musikene.


As part of the growth BlackBinder keeps demonstrating this season with concerts with higher schools of music such as Jacobs in Indiana, or Guildhall and Royal Academy in London, on March 26th, Musikene held a concert with trumpet students and one of their professors, Luis González.

Digital Transformation Project for the Symphonic Orchestra of RTVE.


The premiere of “Un Sueño Morisco” took place last week on March 21st and 22nd at the Teatro Monumental in Madrid. This is the start of the Digital Transformation project the symphonic orchestra of RTVE with BlackBinder.

Innovation in the Liceu Theatre of Barcelona.


December 22nd, musicians of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Liceu, rehearsed their future Charles Dickens’ ‘Christmas Story’ concert using the BlackBinder digital platform replacing traditional music sheets.

Blackbinder in the Internacional Trumpet Guild congress.


On May 29, we were at the ITG congress in San Antonio, Texas, where we enjoyed the Spanish Brass and Jens Lindemann bands.

Digital Transformation and User Experience talk in Cein Navarra.


Digital Scores of Haydn and Brahms in the Miramon Matineé.


Last Saturday, April 21st Arli du Dapri’s ‘Quintetos con dos Violas’ concert was performed in the Miramon Matineé.