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Blackbinder's patent USA

Blackbinder’s Automatic Scroll is now patented in USA and Russia

We are thrilled to announce that Blackbinder’s automatic scroll feature is now, not only patented in Europe, but has just been officially patented in the United States and Russia as well. With China already pending, this means we will be protected in 80% of our targeted market.


The news arrive at a great time and provide us with that extra impetus to continue transforming and enhancing the musical experience for both artists and spectators alike.

Thanks to our ever-growing user population, and their invaluable feedback, we have been continually working on improving the user experience. After all, automatic scrolling is not just about eliminating paper and eradicating unnecessary distractions from the performance (though let’s face it, it’s a big plus).


It is about improving what the market already offers and increasing the flexibility that comes with it, with automatic scroll features that allow users to adjust scrolling speed, modify metronome marks and tempos whenever necessary or, simply let its real-time tracking technology do its job. The result: a hands-free experience tailored specifically to the particular needs of the artist, not to mention more mental space for music.