Closing of season 20_21 in the Spanish Radio Television Orchestra

This week we bring to an end a difficult season in our collaboration with the Spanish Radio Television Orchestra.

We began the 2021 academic year with the uncertainty of the pandemic hanging over every forecast, and looking back, I believe that we have more than met the demands of this challenge.

As a fundamental basis for the success of the orchestra’s digital transformation process, we have developed and implemented a fully digital management system for archiving and working with scores.
This system, developed on Sharepoint technology, supports the classification of the orchestra’s materials by different sets of metadata, as well as their digital distribution to the musicians.

The system allows the archive to be organised by concert, by author, by season, by genre, facilitating a quick search and a clean and clear access to the materials. It also allows the preservation of the parts with the annotations of each of the string leaders and musicians of the orchestra.

On this basis, we have digitised several other processes: one of the most important has been the setting of bows, reducing the preparation time of the works from 1 month to the 2/3 days that it currently takes the conductor, concertmaster and string leaders of the OCRTVE to do it.

Of course, we have made progress in the digitalisation of the musicians’ work in rehearsals and concerts. We have implemented processes for correcting and adapting parts in real time during rehearsals, which has made it possible for almost 100% of the works performed in the concerts of the subscription season to be done using tablets, and in 30% of these concerts, the system used was Blackbinder technology, which allows the musicians to avoid having to turn pages.

The Orchestra’s management has been steadily providing tablets to each of the musicians, so that next season 21-22 will start with an individual device for each musician, which will allow further advances in the digitalisation of the orchestra’s work.

In short, a difficult year, with great advances that we hope will continue to grow in the next season.

From Blackbinder, we would especially like to thank the collaboration of the manager of the OCRTVE, Mr. Manuel Ventero and his right-hand man, Mr. Manuel Herrero. Without their support, none of this would be possible.

In this video clip, you can see the use of Blackbinder during other live performance: