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BlackBinder acquires 1000 new users working with digital scores

BlackBinder’s monthly summary: May 2019

BlackBinder is still making noise!

Once again, yet another month of important progress in the development of new technologies.

Within our business area of Conservatories:

We have closed agreements with several conservatories in the USA and UK, which are going to start using Blackbinder we will announce as soon as we confirm the details.

In orchestras:

We continue to work hard. The Orquesta Sinfónica de Radio Televisión Española continues to use BlackBinder for its seasonal concerts. You can read more here: the brass section has adapted seamlessly, and all its musicians enjoy the performance of the concerts.

The ensembles are also coming to BlackBinder

Seraph brass, Canadian Brass, Spanish Brass and Axiom Brass are ensembles that use our App in their concerts.

1,000 new users rely on Blackbinder for their work with digital scores. New users such as Fabrice Millischer, David Rejano or Javier Bonet, among many others.

In keeping with our value of respecting copyright, we work agreements with different publishers and composers.The Canadian Brass Store already publishes scores in our format. We’ve closed more agreements that we’ll announce as soon as they’re ready.

And of course, we keep updating our App by improving its features and providing more methods and scores for our brass users.

Our team continues to work hard to achieve our goals. We’re still sailing in good wind!


Sergio Peñalver – CEO BlackBinder