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IFOB Friends

Brass musicians and ensembles use BlackBinder in IFOB 2019

BlackBinder is official sponsor at IFOB 2019 in the centennial of Pamplona

Thank you Friends, thank you IFOB 2019!

Last week from 12th to 16th of June, we were very much present as official sponsor at IFOB 2019, the festival of bands celebrating the centennial of La Pamplonesa, Pamplona’s Municipal Band, as we welcomed a few of our Friends, all of them of course using our App and the Automatic Scroll to perform live.  

It was an incredible experience that our Friends, top artists like Pacho Flores, Jose Sibaja, Ximo Vicedo, Joey Tartell, Philip Ponella or Spanish Brass could all be together for a few days sharing their talent.

IFOB was 4 days full of excitement all around the city of Pamplona, Spain, with concerts, performances in the Gayarre Theatre and Baluarte auditórium, with representation of international and regional Bands and orchestras from Spain.

BlackBinder was on the spotlight as one of the main tools used and spoken about in conferences, being now a clear leader in the brass music ecosystem.

Through conferences, master classes, and performances, and also by sharing product demos with physical iPads in our own stand, we demonstrated to all, audiences and fellow artists alike, that we are a stable reliable tool, clearly improving the focus on performance without distractions with page-turning.

We also made a point on ease of use with the concert performed by La Pamplonesa in the Baluarte Auditorium with Sarah Willis (hopeful soon-to-be BlackBinder Friend): we handed five tablets to the Brass section and the concert went on without a glitch.



Spanish Brass quintet had some of the most amazing moments with concerts in the Pamplona’s City Hall and in the Baluarte Auditorium with the Santa Cecilia de alcasser band.

UBL Concert

One of the highlights for us was the conference hosted by the great Philip Ponella, Director of Music Information Technology Service at Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, with the conference «Digitization inside a Music School”, sharing his experience and leading the way on how Jacobs School of Music approaches digitization.

Digitization inside a Music School

Our BlackBinder Friends, besides sharing their advice in wonderful master classes, showed their virtuosity with incredible performances: Joey Tartell with the Jazz trio Band; Jose Sibaja with La Lira de Pozuelo symphonic Band; Ximo Vicedo and the Castellón symphonic Band and last but not least the Maestro Pacho Flores and the Barcelona’s Band.

Barcelona’s Band

concert Barcelona's Band concert Barcelona's Band

In all, we had an amazing experience with really positive feedback, fuel for us to continue working hard to make our mark in the brass world. Thank you Friends, thank you IFOB!