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Banda conjunto Cartagena

BlackBinder, considered the best music sheet app for world-class musicians like Luis González Martí

Luis Gonzalez MartiLuis Gonzalez, as usual, is accompanied by BlackBinder to all his acts and that inside carries all his music without the need for heavy briefcases to take all your arsenal of scores. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of the automatic scroll, freedom to travel, move, and be prepared at all times to rehearse, note and play with just one tap.

“Is a very useful way to have all my material handy everywhere, and be able also to perform outdoors without fear of wind blowing a page away” Luis Gonzalez Martí

BlackBinder brings to Luis Gonzalez comfort, in the video that we show you of the concert, you can see the concentration of Luis, who does not separate the fingers from the pistons and has no intention of doing so, as the automatic scroll allows him to view the digital score and follow the tempo set by the director without the need to bother passing pages.


«For the future I believe this is a solution that everyone will have to use, as technology is there to improve our lives” Luis Gonzalez Martí


On June 17th, 2019 in the Batel Auditorium on the shores of the Cartagena coast we were fortunate to attend a special concert «Dream of a Trumpet» guided to the tempo of the baton of Ginés Martínez Vera, accompanied by the very young Cartagena Conservatory Band and our BlackBinder friend Luis Gonzalez Marti as soloist trumpet, who embroidered an excellent performance with four essential elements, his overwhelming talent, his trumpet, a digital lectern and the BlackBinder automatic scroll, taking out all his potential and teaching the audience what a world-class artist is capable of.