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Why do ensembles use BlackBinder?

Ah, that’s a good question, albeit an easy one to answer: ensembles use BlackBinder because it helps them focus on their performance!

BlackBinder’s automatic scroll enables ensembles to perform without having to turn pages in the sheet music they play, manually, or with cumbersome and unreliable bluetooth devices. Of course there’s other features, like powerful edit and sharing capabilities, but it is the ability to start playing a piece, and never again having to worry about “freeing” one of your hands to turn a page, nor having to be aware at all times of where you are placed with respect to a foot pedal, that professional ensembles value most. 👌🔝

And my, oh my, when we say professional, we do really mean it in the most exclusive sense of the word, as we are lucky to have the best ensembles in the world as power users of BlackBinder:

Spanish Brass, Canadian Brass, and Axiom Brass have been using BlackBinder both to perform live and to rehearse for a long time now, and more recently, Seraph Brass has also started to do so.

The best way to see how they use our App is to follow them on social media, although we are including some examples below:

Spanish Brass

The Spanish Brass always uses BlackBinder to perform. One of the top ensembles in the world, celebrating in 2019 an impressive 30 years filled with outstanding performances, the connection with BlackBinder was easy: geography helps 😉 , but it wasn’t just that, as talent in this case, and appreciation for (our) quality from such a demanding group of talented musicians could only be met with our App. 🤓

Here’s a video of a recent rehearsal:

And they feel so comfortable and know can rely so much on the quality of the App that they use it even with a symphonic orchestra:


Canadian Brass

World renown Canadian Brass use BlackBinder regularly as well and have done so for their last tour and even a specific events like Today at Apple. With the most diverse performances and, why not, somewhat even crazy deliveries, it was obvious they couldn’t be chained to a foot pedal or any other page-turning device 😃

Here’s another example with rehearsing:


Axiom Brass

Axiom Brass has been our full supporter since they changed from another App (you can easily guess which one. Hint: doesn’t have automatic scroll, it’s just a PDF viewer ;)). We are so lucky to have a talented musician like Dorival Puccini help us get better with his dedicated feedback. And in return, they get BlackBinder’s evolution with every release, and they can keep focusing on their performances, and keep being top of the top of brass ensembles, with beautiful deliveries of chamber music like these examples. 🙌


Seraph Brass

And very recent surprise, right there at the top, we are lucky to have as friends using our App to, we find this incredible ensemble made out super talented brass musicians led by no other than Mary Bowden (another great friend!) 🎺

Mary Bowden

These are just a few examples of how BlackBinder is being used with brass ensembles, but there are more and more, as some of these friends will be releasing and distributing original music on BlackBinder’s format soon, so stay tuned!

We’ve always liked the quote “Who you surround yourself with is who you become”. We have to say we are incredibly lucky to have around the top brass ensembles in the world using our App. Knowing they can’t afford to fail or have any problems performing live, which could damage their reputation, there’s no better show of appreciation and true testament to the quality and result of our hard work, and for that, we are thankful and indebted for ever.