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OCRTVE Symphony Orchestra Advances Towards Digitalization with Blackbinder

Let the new RTVE Symphony Orchestra concert season begin! As of last year BlackBinder has been bestowed with the task of digitalizing their orchestra. We are extremely grateful to RTVE’s managing director, Manuel Ventero Velasco for his invaluable support and stalwart belief in the advancements that this innovative technology can bring to such a long-established sector of the music industry.

Benefits for Orchestras using BlackBinder

Among the advantages —in addition to the lower environmental impact it entails— is the significant cost reduction in internal management, which could amount to about two hundred thousand euros a year by eliminating the lengthy work of archivists transferring annotations from score to score, for example. Or transport and distribution costs associated with the purchase and/or rental of sheet music that digitalization can bypass.

Furthermore, thanks to the indisputable success in digitalizing the Orchestra’s brass section, which is now reaping the benefits of the automatic scroll and all of BlackBinder’s additional features for live performances, we are currently in the process of implementing a training program that will enable the entire ensemble to learn how to use and take advantage of BlackBinder as well.

The music sector digitalization challenge

We are very excited about this ongoing collaboration with OCRTVE. It is a great opportunity to continue our contribution towards the enhancement of the musical performance experience by bridging the gaps this music sector has encountered with the PDF format, which, although being a crucial first step towards digital transformation, doesn’t solve the more explicit problems musicians face in their daily practice, like unnecessary distractions.

BlackBinder’s new format does. It offers the possibility to:

  • view different score sizes without altering information
  • share annotations immediately and with layer management to avoid unauthorized modifications.
  • Synchronize score positioning, so that everyone is literally on the same page and corresponding to the conductor’s instructions without ever having to interrupt their practice by turning a single page thanks to automatic scroll. How’s that for improvement?

The training will culminate in a world premiere music concert where not a single musician will be using sheet music on paper, a milestone that will mark the successive shortening of the distance to a new era for orchestral digital scores.