Feel the freedom: automatic scroll.

Practice and perform live with your sheet music flowing in front of you. Never worry again about page-turning manually, using foot pedals or with any other device and focus only on what matters: your performance and the pleasure of playing. Welcome to the new era of sheet music.

Your sheet music library, anytime, anywhere.

Say goodbye to hauling around music sheet books, folders and binders of scores that are hard to manage. You can import all your scores and access them even offline. And right from the start the app includes a huge selection of music pieces and methods already available for FREE!

Take control: edit your scores.

When you can edit a score, you really make it ``yours``. Enjoy the endless possibilities to add, modify and delete the elements of your sheet music, including full management of repetitions. And of course share them with any other user!

Annotate and Share.

Whether you are a soloist, or part of an ensemble or an orchestra, a student, a professor, or a professional musician, being able to easily annotate in as many layers you need and share your annotations will boost the effectiveness of your rehearsal.

Our Mission .

At Blackbinder we are trying to bring a revolutionary change to the world of music scores: the automatic scroll.

Our goal is that you can study, rehearse and perform with a full-fledged App improving upon all the features most other advanced Apps have, and incorporating a radical change: you can see the sheet music flowing in front of you, never having to turn a page again.

Our algorithm converts pages into a continuous flow that adapts to the music score, scrolling as you play your instrument. Yes, it is very much like a teleprompter, but with a whole set of additional features.

As all revolutions, this is not a simple endeavor, and so we are approaching it very humbly one instrument at a time, starting with trumpet and gradually bringing in the rest of brass instruments, incorporating all the intricacies and complexities inherent to each. This also makes a big difference as we adapt to you and your specific instrument.

We of course can adapt ad-hoc special requests for special purposes for other instruments, and have indeed been used live by quite a few ensembles and orchestras worldwide, so we invite you to suscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned so we can keep you posted on our latest advances.

This is our commitment to do things well: adapt our App one instrument at a time.


By all means I really believe you guys got something fantastic with great potential to be the way of the future for musicians. Yes, ForScore is very convenient and simple to use, and bypasses many of the hurdles of dealing with publishers, but I honestly think that your vision will eventually benefit publisher and help them find a secure way to fully embrace the digital era.

Dorival Puccini | Trumpeter, founder member of the Axiom Brass
Chicago (USA) | September 27, 2018


I tried the pdf feature on Blackbinder. IT IS FANTASTIC! What a superb feature! Very innovative! I am going to put it to use for sure!

Otis Murphy | Saxophonist and saxophone professor at Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music
Bloomington, IN (USA) | September 6, 2018


One of the greatest markets I could see, as a brass player, would be for duet books and etudes. It is always frustrating when you have to stop playing just to turn a page.

Philip Chase | Principal Trumpet of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra
Knoxville TN (USA) | September 6, 2018


I had a big audition on Monday (which I used Blackbinder for practicing for!), and won the position of Principal Viola of Chicago Symphony. It made all the difference!”. “I imported a PDF of the viola part for a quartet by Steve Reich called Different Trains. It is incredible how the app converts the PDF into a Blackbinder file!

Eric Nowlin | Principal Violist of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Detroit, MI (USA | June 21, 2018

In the news.

Innovation in the Liceu Theatre of Barcelona


December 22nd, musicians of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Liceu, rehearsed their future Charles Dickens’ ‘Christmas Story’ concert using the Blackbinder digital platform replacing traditional music sheets.

In the news.

Blackbinder in the Internacional Trumpet Guild congress


On May 29, we were at the ITG congress in San Antonio, Texas, where we enjoyed the Spanish Brass and Jens Lindemann bands.

In the news.

Digital Scores of Haydn and Brahms in the Miramon Matineé


Last Saturday, April 21st Arli du Dapri’s ‘Quintetos con dos Violas’ concert was performed in the Miramon Matineé.

In the news.

Christmas Concert by the RTVE Choir and Orchestra


Last Saturday, December 16th, we replaced the musicians’ scores of the Christmas Concert in ‘La casa de América’ with digital tablets.

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