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Kick-off meeting with Boston Conservatory at Berklee

Our list of collaborations with higher schools of music keeps expanding with the one conservatory where we always felt we had most potential: the Boston Conservatory at Berklee.

And why, you may ask, did we think we had such potential? Easy: because of how technology is embedded in their DNA (they actually have a division dedicated to tech lead by Jerry Smith!), and how brilliant their brass program is. Those are a heck of a lot of synergies, if only 2, but that’s exactly what we are, Brass and Tech.

We wanted to start our collaboration with Steven Emery as his goal as teacher focused on performance is what our Automatic Scroll really ads at that level, eliminating distractions enabling musicians to only focus on a great delivery.

My goal as a teacher is to encourage my students to awaken their own talent, to discover, develop, and refine their skills, to cultivate and clarify their artistic vision, and to learn to evoke a sense of wonder in those who hear them play.

As part of our kick-off meeting on March 11th in Boston, Steven shared with his Brass ensemble our App:


Pretty neat uh? They thought so too, and that is the moment when we think is all worth it, when a musician turns around and simply says “wow, your App is really cool”. It almost feels weird watching them perform and realizing that they are not turning pages..ever!

As a follow-up, they want to show the entire school, so the likely date to have a concert where they will be sharing their “wow” effect will be on May 3rd. Stay tuned for more details as we will be trying to broadcast it!