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Digital Sheet Music Distribution

Online distribution of scores through BlackBinder brings music closer to musicians

Everybody knows BlackBinder for the Automatic Scroll, however, a not so well known fact is that top publishers and composers are also adopting BlackBinder to distribute music directly to musicians.

BlackBinder, as part of the entire “brass music” ecosystem, is approached not only by countless musicians and ensambles but also by composers like Erik Morales, Kevin McKee or Brendan Collins, along with popular Ensemble Canadian Brass who find in our App the definitive way to publish and sell online their sheet music.  

Why are they coming to BlackBinder? BlackBinder is the sheet music format from the future, attracting the most talented musicians and ensembles, and providing publishers and composers an instant way to deliver their sheet music to musicians, knowing all the while that the copyright of the score is completely protected: you cannot scan the sheet music as you would with a score on PDF, because the music is available only on the App, so the content owner is fully protected from piracy.

Stay tuned in our social media for upcoming updates as big Publishing houses are also about to close deals with us increasing like that our reach not just of FREE scores but of conveniently accessible sheet music with a couple of clicks from online stores.

And that’s what we aim for: to be the most feature rich and convenient App for all parties in the brass music ecosystem, and working as hard a we do, we can only hope to keep gaining traction!