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Spanish Brass ayuntamiento

BlackBinder advances in its revolution towards automatic scroll

Last June was a really successful month for BlackBinder and we want to share with all of you all the advances we have done: new blackBinder friends, new digital scores, new publishers and new experiences revolving around the BlackBinder’s automatic scroll.

We also had the opportunity to have the world’s best Brass musicians in our city during the IFOB celebration. Phil Ponella and Joey Tartell (Jacobs music school in Indiana University), José Sibaja, Ximo Vicedo, Spanish Brass, Pacho Flores, were some of the BlackBinder friends and users who were here with.

On the other hand, we have confirmed with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Radio Televisión Española and Rodrigo Ediciones, the celebration of a concert next September 21st, in Aranjuez.

This June, we have also signed agreements to publish with two other internationally recognized publishers: Carl Fischer and Ediciones Boileau. We will soon begin to have scores in BlackBinder format in their.

Finally, we have once again increased our users at the same pace as in previous.

During these two summer months, we are going to rest and gather strength to start the new course with all our.

Enjoy your holidays!