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Convert PDF Score to BlackBinder format

Convert PDF Score to BlackBinder format

The Blackbinder app enables users to convert any sheet music they have available digitally into a better and more congruous format.
This is lately been the challenge for the music industry into their aim to digitalize. The format of the digital scores, pdf mainly, does not achieve all the requirements this industry in its whole is willing to have.

Challenges of the PDF format in the digital transition

The PDF format, which is the universal format for most digital sheet music programs available today, is still not able to resolve the arising difficulties and security concerns for orchestra musicians and publishers alike. The Blackbinder PDF converter’s main aim is to rectify this by switching to a digital solution.

Benefits of digital scores in Blackbinder format

  • Enlargement or reduction of score sizes without altering information
  • Score synchronization during rehearsals, enabling the entire orchestra to adhere to the exact beat as per the director’s bidding
  • Immediate annotation sharing with layer management to avoid unauthorized modifications.
  • With Blackbinder’s Automatic Scroll, sheet music is converted into a continuous scroll that progresses at a controlled pace eliminating the need to turn the page in the middle of the performance

Security Benefits for Editorials with Blackbinder format

In addition to providing straightforward access to any sheet music saved in the cloud and other digitally stored documents, the Blackbinder format ensures that all scores, once converted, are protected from piracy, a security feature that PDF is not able to provide and an issue that, given the speed with which we are entering this new era of digitalization, is key to continue advancing.

Publishing scores in digital format is the key to digitalize the industry and now in the Blackbinder format this is possible, indeed we are in negotiations with Editorials to have their catalogue of scores available in our Blackbinder App and we have reached already agreement with the legendary Editorial Carl Fisher.

In Blackbinder we are committed with the digitalization of this ancient and well preforming industry. We want to act as collaborators for the big enhancement that this step to digitalization will mean for music and musicians.

We are working and we will continue working to have the trust of the main agents of the industry to collaborate in the digitalization of scores. Publishers, orchestras, musicians. Blackbinder offers a patented technology which is the solution to take the step of digitalizing the scores industry that will for sure take music to the next level.