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The best online stores for sheet music already use BlackBinder

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The best publishers and composers already sell and distribute their sheet music online in BlackBinder format. The technology developed by BlackBinder now allow for new ways to obtain digital sheet music in formats that are much better than plain and simple PDF. PDF music has become now a thing of the past, with BlackBinder being the preferred format for publishers, composers, and of course, musicians!

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The sheet music format from the future.

What today may seem like a revolution in digital sheet music, we are positively certain will be the de facto standard in the future for sheet music. BlackBinder’s format brings many powerful advantages, the main one of course being the Automatic Scroll, but it is way more than that. With scores on BlackBinder format, publishers and composers enter a new paradigm in how music is distributed, from the first moment a score is created, until a musician performs that piece:

  1. The composer creates a piece, and imports it directly from Music XML: there are many tools currently being used to create music, like Sibelius, Finale.
  2. The  publisher, or even the very composer who wants distribute that piece directly, makes that score available online, either to sell or distribute for free.
  3. The musician finds that piece on the composer’s or publisher’s webs, and gets access to it on the My Scores area in the BlackBinder App immediately after buying the digital score online.

And all throughout this process, the copyright of the score is completely protected: you cannot scan the sheet music as you would with a score on PDF, because the music is available only on the App, and so that’s why BlackBinder is completely anti-piracy.

All your scores in one device.

As musicians, ensembles, conservatories and higher schools of music are supporting and integrating BlackBinder as their preferred tool to read music, it only makes sense to unify all the scores into a single App as powerful as BlackBinder.

And so, as BlackBinder continues to get traction in the brass ecosystem, more and more composers and publishers like the below are making their entire libraries of scores available migrating from PDF to BlackBinder.

After all, with BlackBinder, performing was never easier as you don’t have to turn any pages, so it only makes sense to have all your sheet music in a single App.

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Where to find online sheet music from publishers and composers.

These are just a few of the main publishers and composers with digital sheet music on BlackBinder format