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Continuous scroll for your sheet music

Continuous scroll for your sheet music.

How does it work?

In Blackbinder the score is in a single page that scrolls through the screen of your iPad at the precise tempo you need to be able to read and perform your digital sheet music freely during your study, rehearsals, exams and concerts. Think of it as an automatic sheet music page turner.

The App detects the number of notes and bars displayed on the screen and adjusts the scrolling speed to the metronome marks, bar indications and Tempos set in the piece.

If you need you can:

  • modify, delete or add your own metronome marks wherever you want.
  • you are also free to adjust the tempo by rhythmically tapping the desired pulse on the screen, even during your performance.
  • you can also move the score up and down: you only have to slide two fingers at a time across the screen.

Why is this feature so great?

The Automatic Scroll gives you the freedom of studying, rehearsing or performing your music, focusing exclusively on your performance and never worrying about cumbersome page turns again. Pages simply don’t exist, they are a thing of the past.

You don’t have to be aware of where you are placed with respect to foot pedals or when you have to turn a page, you only need to worry about the music, as it should be.

Why you should download the Blackbinder App?

With BlackBinder your performance will only get better as it will optimize how you study and interpret music thus improving your delivery. With BlackBinder you and the Music win. The Automatic Scroll is a revolutionary feature!

Other features you might be interested in that no other App has:

  • Advanced visualization.
  • Manage Repetitions.