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At last, everything you ever wanted in a single App, and to top it off, with automatic scroll.

Continuous scroll for your sheet music.

  • Never worry about page turning again: the score flows very much like a teleprompter
  • Focus only on what matters: your performance and the pleasure of performing
  • Experience the freedom in your study, rehearsals, exams, master classes, recitals and concerts
  • Get rid of those unreliable foot pedals and inconvenient page turning devices forever”

Free Library

  • The most inclusive library of essential trumpet pieces
  • Trumpet methods like Arban or Charlier
  • Popular pieces from Böhme, Albinoni, Hummel, Bach, Balay, Hansen, Beethoven, Fash, Haydn and many more
  • Gradually incrementing the scope to other brass instruments and even non-brass with our frequent updates!"

Import your sheet music

  • Import scores from MusicXML (exported from any notation software like Sibelius, Finale...)
  • Manage Repetitions

    • No more PDF editing for repetitions.
    • Choose which repetitions you want to perform and they will appear concatenated where they should be.
    • In Blackbinder you don’t need to save paper ;-)"

    Edit and share

  • Add modify or delete notes, ligatures, lines, texts, metronome marks, etc.
  • Edit title, author, staff height and more...
  • Share all of the aforementioned with any other user
  • Annotate and share

  • Choose from a palette of colors to make all annotations you need.
  • Organize your annotations in different layers.
  • Share your annotations in real time with your colleagues, students or classmates.
  • Organize your scores

    Organize your sheet music in "My Scores" creating, ordering and grouping your pieces in multiple playlists. You will have them ready for your exams or concerts.

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