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Edit and share

Edit and share.

How does it work?

In Blackbinder you can edit the scores you have uploaded to «My scores». Then, if you wish, you can share them with your colleagues.

To change the title, composer, size of staves and distance between them, just tap on the options symbol located on the right of piece in the list of scores. From there you can also share any of your digital sheet music pieces.

To modify or create ligatures, move notes and their stems, correct texts or create metronome marks you can do so by opening the score and tapping the «Edit» button. Then select the bar or the specific element you want to edit.

The features of this function are greatly improved if you use an Apple Pencil.

What’s in it for you?

Editing your digital sheet music you will be able to correct the possible errors produced after any type of importation. The quality of the importation of any digital music score to Blackbinder depends largely on the quality of the source PDFs and MusicXML.

Why you should download the Blackbinder App?

Free youself from rigid versions or  formatting and add your own modifications.