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Import your sheet music

Import your sheet music.

How does it work?

BlackBinder is going to become your default music score App for your everyday needs. So, to make it even more useful, you import your existing sheet music with the music OCR (or rather the OMR), to use the App as your sheet music scanner.

With the music score scanner, you can convert to BlackBinder your MusicXML files from notation software such as Sibelius or Finale.

Note: To import a Sibelius or Finale file you must have previously exported the file as a MusicXML file from the editor program itself. Better results are obtained with scores of one staff per system.

  • Open BlackBinder and tap on the «Import score» icon located on the Home screen of the App.
  • Then find the file you want to open and BlackBinder will convert the score for you.
  • Fill in the requested fields indicating Title, Composer etc.

You can do this with scores in MusicXML that you have in your mail, Cloud etc. Press and hold the file, using the feature «Open with…», choose BlackBinder and follow the previous steps.

After the importation you will be able to edit the score further if you need to, and even share your edits with collaborators. One last step is to organize your scores within your library in your own preferred way.

Why is this feature so great?

Enjoy the advantages of Blackbinder with any of the scores in your library.

Why you should download the Blackbinder App?

Forget the limitations of other file formats and work on BlackBinder with the scores you already have to consolidate your entire library in just one App that provides you with all the possible features and functionalities you may need.

  • After the importation you will be able to edit the score further if you need to).