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Organize your scores

Organize your scores.

How does it work?

Under «My scores» you can find all of your digital sheet music, however, you can work more efficiently if you group and order the ones you need in different Playlists, which is very convenient if you don’t want to stop your perfomance and open each piece manually.

This does not mean that the scores are duplicated, but that you simply will see them grouped in different ways.

You can delete specific pieces or even a complete Playlist, but those digital sheet music pieces will still be kept safe in «My scores».

To delete a piece completely, you will have to delete it from «My scores».

Why is this feature so great?

By creating your own Playlists, you can organize your study programs, exams, recitals and concerts, giving you quick and orderly access to the works you are working with.

Why you should download the Blackbinder App?

With Blackbinder you can finally order and organize your digital sheet music according to your needs, without having to duplicate the material or reduce the storage capacity of your iPad.