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Manage Repetitions

Manage Repetitions.

How does it work?

Music itself is a sequence of sounds that are naturally exposed linearly, just as BlackBinder digital sheet scores are flowing smoothly without any kind of jump or interruption.

That way, repetition signs such as the double bar, D.C. or Coda make the musical fragments to be repeated appear concatenated in a linear way so that the digital sheet music continues its smooth movement around the screen without abrupt and undesirable jumps.

If there were a 1st box at the end of repetition and a 2nd box at the end of continuation, these would be perfectly inserted in the right place to give full continuity and coherence to the musical writing.

You have full control over the piece by deciding which repetitions to perform and which not to perform.

Why is this feature so great?

This functionality allows you to perform the pieces without any kind of visual distraction that would distract you, not just because of the characteristic jumps in the score due to repetitions, simply because those jumps do not exist anymore.

Why you should download the Blackbinder App?

With Blackbinder you don’t have to edit PDFs anymore to play your digital sheet music with the repetitions you want without jumps back.