Pacho Flores.

Pacho Flores is a top performer from Venezuela and the winner of a diversity of prizes, such as the Maurice André International Contest, the most important trumpet contest in the world. Performances, recitals and solos, make Pacho Flores standout from the crowd!
All his instruments are manufactured exclusively for him, just so he can get the latest developments and innovations at his hands.

Why Pacho Flores choose BlackBinder

This incredible musician performs every single concert from memory, eliminating the need for scores. But Pablo became excited with BlackBinder’s promise, as it would be a great help in the process of studying his work thanks to automatic scroll and other incredible features.

Pablo uses Sibelius to listen to the orchestra and then synchronizes BlackBinder with the audio, making it possible to rehearse the piece anywhere, and memorize it.

“I want you to tell (…) that I am very happy with the application… As a soloist, I interpret from memory… Memorization is part of my preparation. But it is not the same to memorize with a tool like this one as with conventional paper. It’s much more dynamic – practical and it also invites you to keep working.”

Now, he does not need to worry about paper, nor turning pages, as everything is perfectly synchronized with the orchestra’s audio.

See how Pacho uses Blackbinder in his studies:


1st Prize Maurice André Competition
1st Prize in the “Philip Jones” International
1st Prize in the “Cittá di Porcia” International
Stomvi Artist
Deutsche Grammophon Artist.
Gold medal Global Music Award.


Some pictures and testimonials of the iPad Blackbinder concert

Pacho Flores
Pacho Flores