Spanish Brass.

Spanish Brass has been around for thirty years, in the field of chamber music. They are one of the most dynamic and consolidated quintets Internationally. They won prizes such as Bankia Awards for Musical Talent of the Comunitat de Valencia and Espai Ter de Música and have been performing in the most important festivals.

Why Spanish Brass choose BlackBinder

As an ensemble, they did not want to use paper, because of its discomfort and environmental reasons. Finding a tool was difficult because of the complex needs of working as a group.

They found BlackBinder, and can now synchronize the notes, distribute the particles to each member of the group, without being physically together, and of course, to stop using paper and stop turning pages tanks to automatic scroll!

“You have changed my life”(Sergio, Tuba from Spanish Brass)

Some instruments like tuba weighs about 10 kilos. Having to change the pages constantly is a great struggle.

Watch Spanish Brass performing “The Carnival of Venice” using BlackBinder:


They won the First Prize in the 1996 Narbonne (France) International Brass Quintet Competition, the most prestigious event of its kind in the world. Spanish Brass has given hundreds of concerts across the globe.


Some examples of how Spanish Brass make the most out of the App

30 anniversary Spanish Brass
Spanish Brass


Some thoughts and testimonials about our Friends and their reasons to adopt our technology

“We love BlackBinder!”

Spanish Brass with BlackBinder, a perfect couple that shares their best qualities; confidence, music and technology. New times, better performances, we perform, they scroll the score, that easy. Dear friends, this has just started. We love Blackbinder, we love music, a wonderful step forward for the live concerts of the third millennium.

Indalecio Bonet, Trombonist Spanish Brass


% Of the musicians want to use iPads again to read music

Do you think that digital scores on iPads will replace traditional sheet music? 80%
Were you satisfied with the Blackbinder experience? 92%
Would you like to use iPads again for a next concert? 100%