Seraph Brass.

Seraph Brass joins American’s best female brass players, which gave them the 2019 American Prize in Chamber Music. They usually perform as a quintet or sextet, but, as a versatile ensemble, they manage to reunite 10 performers.

The repertoire is incredible, starting from original transcriptions, to commissioned work, and timeless classics. They won a Silver Medal Global Music Award with their debut studio album, Asteria.

Why Seraph Brass choose BlackBinder

They became friends with BlackBinder because of the revolution provided by the automatic scroll, which solved many of the problems Seraph faced. As a group that travels a lot to perform live, carrying the repertoire is always a struggle. They tried using PDF’s, but it was not convenient at all.

“We are using BlackBinder every day. We love it! We used it on our 8 concerts in China. It has been a game changer for me. I really love having no pages to turn!”  Mary Bowden (trumpeter)

When they tried BlackBinder, they continued using it, every day. Performing 8 concerts in China, became a much easier task with no pages to turn! They believe it’s the ultimate solution in a digital revolution era, as it also eliminates the waste of paper.

In concatenated repetitions, there are no jumps from one bar to another. The smoothness of the automatic scroll allows for a perfect interpretation without absent-mindedness.


Seraph Brass is a dynamic brass ensemble drawing from a roster of America’s top female brass players. Performing primarily as a brass quintet or sextet, Seraph also performs as a larger ensemble of 10 performers. Committed to engaging audiences with captivating programming, Seraph Brass presents a diverse body of repertoire that includes original transcriptions, newly commissioned works, and well-known classics. Seraph released their debut studio album, Asteria, on Summit Records in January 2018, winning a Silver Medal Global Music Award.