Jose Chafer an applied trumpet player and teacher, always with BlackBinder's automatic scroll.

Jose Chafer, an experienced artist, knows how to transform notes in real music art. From his first steps playing in the school of music of his native city, Loteria, he has been collecting success from its beginnings to the present day.

Jose has been working hand-to-hand with many talented artists, learning, looking, and finally becoming to be one of the most acclaimed trumpetists in the world.

Jose chafer has performed many projects, between others “Spirit” (2014) and “textures” (2016) getting the silver medal in the Global Music Awards (United States).

He is a very active influencer teaching on social networks, sharing his methods and tips to improve your techniques. For that reason, we are so proud to contribute to Jose giving the best technology, the BlackBinder’s automatic scroll.

BlackBinder and Jose Chafer have a close relationship. When we contacted him and showed our idea, he felt imposing, and he didn’t hesitate a second, he accepted our proposal.

We worked together with the same and unique goal: improving the way to play music with our music sheet app, providing comfort, freedom, and making things easier. Blackbinder’s automatic scroll cares for music players.

Jose Chafer loves that sensation, with only one tap, he can spread out all of his potential as we can see in his magnified concerts, masterclasses or merely showing us his trumpet methods.


Trumpet teacher in Mestre Vert Conservatory in Spain, Master in Musical Research and Artistic Director to CIMVO. Frequently travel as a guest performer and clinician to Universities and festivals all over the world. He has premiered concertos written and dedicated to him in Europe and North America. Also European premieres to Vizzutti and Stephenson works.

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