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RUMBAU, Octavi


Starting off from a strictly interval-based creative model, two opposite yet complementary models are created. This duality will form the piece's division into two parts, andante rubato and allegro deciso, separated by a long pause.The first part is based on the global growth of every parameter, a growth based on the polyphonic density of the voices, like a Baroque chorale. All that process ends in a short coda leading to the second part of the piece. Unlike the first one, the texture of this section is closer to homophony, rhythmic sequences which transform and are occasionally interrupted by episodes in which the "solo" concept takes on a greater role.The French adjective "curvé" is a reference to one of the horn's most popular effects. The choice of this word for the piece has dual significance: it is both a reference to timbre as the element on which the piece is created and a small tribute to the French repertoire of brass music.

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