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Trumpet Sonata.


Trumpet in C

Trumpet Sonata contains three movements: Introducción-Allegro, Malinconia and Allegro molto. The first movement begins with a slow introduction for the piano to which the trumpet later responds leading to a gentle climax. The Allegro, in 2/4 time, begins suddenly. It has an uninhibited and graceful character. The two expressive cadenzas provide variety and also surprise the listener. The movement ends with a virtuostic and rapid coda.Malinconia, in contrast, is intimate and contemplative. The movement is both broad and cantabile. The trumpet sings a melody, with the sadness characteristic of the instrument, supported by the piano playing somewhat Impressionistic chords.The final movement, Molto allegro, begins with a brief and capricious trumpet cadenza. This is fol- lowed by a section of staccato eighth notes with certain technical complications, which alternate with other passionate episodes. As in the first movement, the two trumpet cadenzas are in contrast with the rest of the movement which is clearer and more comprehensible.

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