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Konzert no. 4: I. Allegro moderato.

MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus

Horn in E♭

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Horn Concerto No. 4 in E-flat major, KV 495 was completed in 1786. The manuscript, written in red, green, blue, and black ink, was formerly considered as a jocular attempt to rattle the intended performer, Mozart's friend Joseph Leutgeb. However, recently it was suggested that the multicolored score may also be a kind of "color code". The last movement is a "quite obvious" example of the hunt topic. This concerto is one of Mozart's two horn concerti to have ripieno horns (horns included in the orchestra besides the soloist), though, in contrast to K. 417, the solo horn in this one duplicates the first ripieno horn's part in the tutti passages.