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Concerto per la Tromba in E flat, no. 1: III..

HERTEL, Johann Wilhelm

Piccolo trumpet in B♭

The first Hertel's trumpet concerto is composed in three movements, consisting of a slow movement framed by two fast ones. All of these movements have more or less the same form, with the end of the long introduction serving as the movement's conclusion. The present concerto is the most substantial of the three that Hertel composed. The long multipartite introduction contains the motifs which are worked on during the course of the firstmovement. Sprighty leaps, the execution of which is no mean feat on the natural trumpet, alternate with lines cantabile in nature. The concise second movement is one of the most beautiful slow movements in the entire trumpet literature. At the ends of the outer movements, the composer wrote particularly virtuoso flourishes which serve to replace cadenzas improvised by the soloist.