José Sibaja.

José Sibaja is the trumpeter’s reference of many incredible artists, such as Michael Jackson and Ricky Martins. He is an acclaimed Costa Rica trumpeter, in classical, jazz, Latin and pop music. He has been a part of the Miami Symphony orchestra, Sinfonietta de Caracas and Orquestra Sinfónica Venuezuela.

Why José Sibaja choose BlackBinder

He dedicates a lot of his time to teaching others the art of playing trumpet and is open to the possibilities of working with new tools that provide value to his craft and teachings.
José finds in BlackBinder the perfect resource for teaching. The synchronization of annotations in real time, allows that everything he writes on his tablet is automatically shared and available to the students.
Here you can find José Sibaja performing at the IFOB19 festival, using BlackBinder:


The Costa Rican trumpet talent.

Recording Artist, Soloist, Arranger, Composer, Lead Trumpet at Boston Brass and Associate Trumpet Professor of the Blair School of Music, Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee.


Some pictures and testimonials of the iPad Blackbinder concert