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About us

"Innovation Distinguishes Between A Leader And A Follower" Steve Jobs

We know what turning a page means. Half an orchestra playing, the other half turning the page, so the concert does not stop. Soloists have to learn the score by heart, subjecting themselves to performance mistakes. They wish they had a automatic scroll showing the scores at the same tempo, to remove the necessity of turning the page.

BlackBinder wants you to turn the page… once and for all

We are a Spanish company, with 10 employees, made of professional musicians which goal is to facilitate the work of individual musicians and the operation of Orchestras. We’ve been developing the app for more than four years, in order to create the best experience for all users.

With our app, there’s no need for paper, storage, damage of the scores, and page turning. It’s possible the automatic scroll and synchronize the display of scores between components of the same group, sharing scores, productivity, and much more! We want to remove all the existent barriers that musicians face.

How can BlackBinder help you?

The patented solution we provide allows for a scrolling score reader with no pages (and no turning). It calculates the speed of travel of the staves across the screen and moves the scroll, so the musician can see what to play at each moment. We have a score intelligent format, based on advanced algorithms, that allow for a seamless scroll, which contrasts with a pdf.

Not only do we offer a vast library of trumpet pieces, gradually expanding for other brass instruments, we allow you to import your own sheet music.

Currently, we are working in a real time audio tracking, based on signal processing techniques and artificial intelligence. So you can focus on what really matters. Playing.

The Story of BlackBinder

Carlos Piñuela, Chief Music Officer of BlackBinder, witnessed a concert at the National Auditorium and realized that turning the sheets of the scores produced noise and distracted the viewers. This was 10 years ago, but still, at that time, Carlos didn’t think he could solve the problem with the existent technology.

In 2011, his passion for music made him invest time on this project, and was joined by Sergio Peñalver, a computer engineer and CEO of BlackBinder, and Koldo Ábrego, a graduate in Business Management. The three made BlackBinder possible, every musician favorite tool (besides their instrument, of course)!

The name of the company comes from what every musician needed to carry before the creation of BlackBinder, a black case with all the scores.

Now, they don’t need a black binder. They need BlackBinder!

Blackbinder Team.

Andrea Enriquez
PAblo de la Merced