current problems

1- Pages as an obstacle for digitalization of music scores:

Music scores have been limited to adopt a page format, since modern music notation was developed to be printed, around 1440. This limitation has been adopted by digital formats such as PDF when scanning scores. In this way, turning pages during a performance or managing repetitions have been maintained in a contrived manner. These limitations have made musicians to perceive few advantages in using digital formats and they mostly still keep opting for paper. Their user experience, so far, has not been very different reading a paper score or a digital one on a display. As an evidence of this, in rare cases musicians, even less ensembles, perform sheet music scores using a digital device.

2- Piracy as a concern of intellectual property owners:

An additional problem for the adoption of digital scores is that formats based on pages (PDFs) are very easy to be copied and reproduced on paper, without effective copy control by the holders of intellectual property rights (composers and publishers). For this reason, they are reluctant to publish their works in digital formats as they can hardly exert a copy control function.


Blackbinder patented technology breaks the limitation imposed by structuring scores in pages, offering musicians a reading pageless format in which the notes flow before their eyes as a scroll, in a continuous and synchronized manner, similar to a teleprompter.

BackBinder is the only digital music reader that continuously and automatically adjusts the tempo, so musicians can devote only to read, play and enjoy music.

For the first time, BlackBinder makes the experience of reading and performing digital music much better than using paper scores. Now, musicians can finally devote to reading, performing and enjoying music, since the reading support (paper or any other) in which music is displayed requires no manipulation on their part.

Blackbinder allows musicians to perform all tasks done with sheet music in a digital environment, adapting to their needs and improving their user experience in every one of their tasks: reading, studying, learning, scoring, rehearsing, collaborating with other musicians and performing in public.

Blackbinder provides holders of intellectual property rights an effective mechanism of control dissemination of works, making impossible and impractical their reproduction on paper.

Blackbinder only works in a closed system, which prevents mass distribution and with implemented security encryption measures made available to publishers and creators.

BlackBinder system includes its reader APP for mobile devices and a Web platform to allow individual musicians, music groups and institutions (Conservatories, Ensembles, Orchestras…) performing all the tasks they currently do with paper scores: from acquisition to performance, through filing, sharing, storing, sorting, studying, annotating and rehearsing.

BlackBinder is a user-oriented technology, created in a continuous conversation with musicians that opens up the possibility of generating new business opportunities for all the agents of the value-chain.

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BlackBinder concert with the Navarra Symphony Orchestra

The Symphony Orchestra of Navarra, with Antoni Wit and Miguel Borrego, perform Mozart’s 40th symphony using Blackbinder’s pageless scrolling system.


First presentation of Blackbinder in Frankfurt Musikmesse 2014

In April, 2014, we presented our product at the Musikmesse 2014 in Frankfurt.

We were present with the booth.Prior to this presentation, we submitted a patent application for our technology.

At the stand came many musicians interested in the proposal Blackbinder, as well as responsible for Conservatories and Orchestras.

We also take advantage of the occasion to make our system known to publishers and distributors by establishing a first contact with them while we knew firsthand how they work and their problems.

Trip to Bogota (Colombia) in september 2014

Interested in other realities far from our surroundings, we traveled to Bogota (Colombia) to know the musical community of that country.

All of them greeted us with a surprised surprise at a system of work that they had never seen before.

His ideas and suggestions were the best prize for an exciting trip in those distant lands.

Second presentation of Blackbinder in Frankfurt Musikmesse 2015

During a year, we developed a new commercial version of the APP BlackbinderTM reader for IOS and ANDROID, with additional tools needed for musicians.

We presented our new corporate image and an upgraded product.

We presented the novelties to musicians and publishers with whom we had already had conversations and prepared the App according to some of the requirements that they had proposed us. As a result of this, relations developed that would later produce our first collaboration agreements

International Guimaraes Guitar Festival (Portugal) 2016

In December 2016 the University of Minho invited us to participate in the 2016 International Guimaraes  Guitar Festival (Portugal) presenting the Blackbinder System.

In these days we presented our System of work with scores and we were speakers in a roundtable that dealt with the new technologies in the musical education. In this paper we talked about the advantages of the digital score.

Entrepreneurial Impulse Award

In December 2013 New Music Now won the Entrepreneurial Impulse Award for its Blackbinder Project, awarded by the CEIN of the Government of Navarre.

As a result of this award, the company “M.Torres Industrial Designs” mentored our work throughout the year.


Entrepreneurship award

In June 2014, New Music Now with its Blackbinder Project won the Entrepreneurship Award granted by the Department of Industry of the Government of Navarre.


Award for digital innovation "Atana"

In 2014 Blackbinder obtains the prize for Digital Innovation from the Association of Navarre ICT Companies “ATANA”.


BIME Startup Winner

In June, 2014, we obtained the first position in BIME Startup awards.


Finalist of 2015 South Summit edition

In May 2015, we had finalist of the 2015 South summit edition, in Madrid

Project team

Sergio Peñalver Primo

Sergio Peñalver Primo

Chief Executive Officer

Carlos Piñuela Irisarri

Carlos Piñuela Irisarri

Chief Music Officer

Koldo Ábrego Primo

Koldo Ábrego Primo

Chief Financial Officer

Ainhoa Esténoz Abendaño

Ainhoa Esténoz Abendaño

Product Development Manager

Asier Arizkuren Medina

Asier Arizkuren Medina

Applications Development Manager

Julen San Emeterio Uriz

Julen San Emeterio Uriz

Software Development Manager

Begoña López Bastero

Begoña López Bastero

Contents Development Manager

Andrea Enriquez Gallo

Andrea Enriquez Gallo


Gorka Urzaiz

Gorka Urzaiz

Business Development Manager

Iñigo Irizar Arcelus

Iñigo Irizar Arcelus

Commercial Advisor

Julian De Juan

Julian De Juan

Intellectual Property Advisor

Eduardo Baranzano

Eduardo Baranzano


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